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After each setback, we overcame.

This was an unusual year for all of us, including the McKaig Nature Center community. Yet, after each setback, we overcame.  

We’d like to thank you for your support and appreciate your continued commitment to keeping the McKaig park an enjoyable place to visit.

Everyone’s world was turned upside down with the Covid lockdowns. Early on, our Board of Directors decided that keeping the park’s trails open would be a priority to help with the mental and physical health of our community.  We converted the trails to be one way and added a bridge so we could be safely distanced.  In April, May and June we experienced a huge increase in park visitors and want to thank everyone for following the safety restrictions while enjoying the park's treasures. 

In early June a rare derecho brought near tornado strength winds and heavy rain to our area which toppled many trees and caused some erosion damage.  We quickly worked to remove hazards and to divert foot traffic away from perilous trails.

2 weeks later, several oaks and a large red maple fell blocking the Nancy Lang trail, we closed the trail for a couple of weeks until the path was cleared.

The morning of July 10th, more than five inches of rain fell causing severe trail erosion, damaging 2 bridges and destroying another.  With the great support from volunteers and staff, the park’s damage was repaired and rebuilt.

Moving forward to 2021, our events committee will soon announce the lineup of fun, healthy and educational events.


Park Ranger Vytas on behalf of the Board of Directors

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Connecting with nature is an essential part of life, research has found that experiencing nature makes all people happier, healthier and smarter.

The McKaig Nature Education Center is dedicated to preserving our 93 acres of parkland and leading programs that ignite appreciation of nature among all ages.

Visit the McKaig Park:

Located just to the east of Roberts Elementary School, 889 Croton Rd, Wayne(Park on street during school hours)

Map to McKaig

Hours: Dawn to Dusk for Non-Members
24/7 for Members

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We rely solely on memberships, donations and user fees for our educational programs and park operations. 
We receive no tax funds.

Our mission stands on 3 pillars:
Enjoyment: encouraging discovery of nature and our park's natural beauty and charm.
Education: teach what is not taught on classroom screens.
Environment: fierce advocates for environmental and open space preservation.

If you share these values and enjoy visiting the McKaig park, become a member.

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The parent organization for McKaig Nature Education Center is UMPHF, a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID Number 23-7065229. 
PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations: 26623.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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