Helping out a good cause can be a very rewarding experience. In fact, in a recent study, 98% of people who volunteer feel a "deeper sense of happiness."  Become happier by offering your helping hand to McKiag Nature Center and the Old Roberts Schoolhouse.  

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities:
  • One-shot work days and indivudual projects
  • Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects
  • Scout groups 
  • Student Service Learning days
  • Class projects
  • Corporate Environmental Stewardship
  • Church and Civic Group projects & events


We can provide staff or a knowledgable volunteer to guide you in a meaningful project that makes a real difference for our human and natural communities.
We have many projects for volunteers, from monitoring a stand of pawpaw trees near the meadow, to being a guide for a group of seniors who like to watch birds, and also some more physically fulfilling activities such as adding waterbars along trails or helping with a waterbank restoration project.  We have mailings to sticker and label and signs to make. Individuals canl also volunteer to serve on on of our active committees and help out at special events.
Approximately once per season, you can join other like-minded volunteers for a "McKaig Maintenance Morning" when teams work together to tackle larger projects that require many hands.
If you are working in a business or corporation that engages in community service, we can provide you with a great indoor or outdoor work party experience where you will contribute to the local Ecology as well as the Economy. 
Student classes can take a Field Trip to attack our alien invasive plants, help us control erosion and trim trails.  We combine these activities with ecology lessons and nature observation to make an intersting and enjoyable visit to "Nature's Classroom." 
We have a list of projects, both indoors and outdoors, suitable for Eagle Scout and Gold Award candidates.  Or, meet with us and see the site, then come up with your own project. 
INTERNSHIPS: We offer internships focused on special projects working with knowledgeable volunteer overseers.  Internships are usually unpaid.  The length and hours depend on your school's internship requirements.  These can be in Environmental Studies, Environmental Education, History or Non-profit management.
We can schedule a morning or afternoon of activity just for you.  This can include free time hiking on the trails and/or a picnic in the Old Roberts Schoolhouse along with appropriate mini-lessons about caring for the Earth and all its residents -- human, flora and fauna.
Please contact info@enjoymckaig.org to arrange a session suitable to YOUR time and talents.
Or, please fill out the form below and we will match a project with your qualifications and interests.

Volunteer at McKaig Nature Center