Upper Merion High School Biology Students Visit McKaig

posted Jun 3, 2014, 1:08 PM by Park Ranger
On May 30th over 30 Upper Merion High School AP Biology Students spent several hours at McKaig Nature Education Center.

In addition to learning in and about the natural beauty of McKaig and the environment, the students performed some maintenance activities:

  • A group of students pulled and baged garlic mustard plants (a non-native, invasive plant) in the park along the upper section of Brower Road.
  • Some students relocated educational signage along the Cadet trail (near white 14) after last fall's trail relocation map here.
  • Other students spent the day cutting ivy vines off of trees along the Nancy Lang trail near yellow 37
  • Most students spent time relocating a soggy part of the Nancy Lang trail near yellow 33.
    The easy way to get back to school, have your teacher wheel you!

Thanks to Dr. Michael Werner and the Upper Merion AP biology students for helping McKaig continue to be an enjoyable place to visit.