Stories in the Woods

posted Jul 25, 2012, 11:18 AM by Park Ranger   [ updated Jul 25, 2012, 11:18 AM ]

Stories in the woods

“Stories in the Woods” was a morning of hiking, exploring and storytelling by McKaig Executive Director Russ Johnson for the third and fourth graders from Upper Merion Public Library.  Thirteen children and their parents looked for frogs and toads at the creek and then provided the “sound effects” as Russ told the African American tale of how a raccoon tricked some frogs.  While no frogs were seen, the children were thrilled to chase the minnows and water striders.

Later, the group heard woodpeckers, and then enjoyed the Native American tale of why the woodpecker and owl are friends. This story involves a forest fire, which McKaig suffered in February this year.  It also involves a crow, which was appropriate for a hike along the Crow Creek.

According to Children’s Librarian Jeanne Kauffman, “the children and their parents were also very interested in learning about the Old Roberts School and the McKaig Nature Center.    We are so fortunate to have this nature preserve in our community.” 

“Stories in the Woods” was part of an ongoing series of children’s story times presented each season at the Library by McKaig Nature Education Center.  The Fall story hour is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13th.  For details and registration, please see the Library website at