Orienteering Class at McKaig

posted Mar 28, 2012, 8:46 AM by Park Ranger   [ updated Jul 2, 2012, 7:27 AM ]
In Upper Merion Township and the surrounding suburbs, the 90-acre McKaig Nature Education Center is a sizeable parcel of open space.  In fact, the preserve is large enough to accommodate an afternoon of the sport of Orienteering.

In Orienteering, competitors use a map and compass to locate markers in the woods while racing each other and the clock.  Arriving at a red-and-white triangular marker, each competitor punches his or her control card, reorients the compass and map, and hustles off to find the next marker.  While it can be a very fast-paced sport, it is also an opportunity to observe many landmarks, geologic features, and wildlife while enjoying some time outside in good company.

Harry Plichta, of Eastern University, has been teaching an orienteering class for a number of years and relies on McKaig's open space, network of trails and proximity to the University.  Here are photos of the Orienteering class in action, courtesy of Harry and Eastern University:

Orienteers and Marker

Orienteering Class