Old Roberts Schoolhouse Repairs

posted Aug 8, 2012, 7:10 AM by Park Ranger   [ updated Aug 8, 2012, 7:10 AM ]

Old Roberts Schoolhouse repair


Many thanks to volunteer Paul Volpi, who has started work to replace the crumbling concrete and rusting steel bulkhead doors at the stairs to the Old Roberts Schoolhouse basement. The goal of this project is to prevent water, especially during heavy rains, from entering the basement through cracks in the stairwell and gaps around the doors.


First, Paul demolished the old bulkhead, then he attacked the concrete and the first course of cinderblocks around the stairs. 


Some excavation revealed an apron of concrete that was directing water against the foundation instead of away, and revealed that all the blocks had voids that could conduct water into the basement.  According to Paul, "The soil was just pushing these in.  We need to tie them to the lower courses with rebar and fill all the voids with concrete." 


Meanwhile, Executive Director Russ Johnson constructed a temporary wooden door at the foot of the stairs to secure the basement until the new steel bulkhead is installed.


Paul returned the next day with a supply of lumber to create the forms which will receive new concrete.


A workday will be set for volunteers to help mix the new concrete as Paul fills the forms and trowels it into place.  After it has all set up, the new steel doors will be set in place, bolted down and caulked.


Paul has made many repairs to the concrete in the basement of Old Roberts Schoolhouse over the years.  


Funding for the project is from the generous contributions to our Hurricane Irene fund.  You can make your contribution via our website.