"Crowd Renewing" the Cadet Trail.

posted Apr 3, 2015, 4:32 PM by Park Ranger
     We've all hear of funding via Crowd Sourcing, where many help in small amounts to get a project done.

McKaig Nature Center is Crowd Renewing a Trail.  

     We're asking visitors to grab a bucket full or 2 of gravel from near the stream and deposit it on the trail.  By raising the trail a couple of inches with gravel, we can level and make the trail more enjoyable to walk on.  No more stepping along the edges to avoid mud.
     The first ~40' section is about 100 feet from Croton Road along the Cadet trail.  Look for a bucket with holes (for water drainage) and shovel, grab some gravel and spread it on the trail to about the height of the string level.  
     Larger stones can be used to line the edges to help keep the gravel in place, again keeping the stone level under the string height.

April 12th is the target date for this section.