42 High School Students in the woods for a day, what could possibly go wrong?

posted May 28, 2016, 1:26 PM by Park Ranger
Upper Merion High School biology students visited on Friday for a day of education and fun.

In the morning, students assembled at Old Roberts Schoolhouse for a short class on rain water runoff and erosion. Further instructions was given on ways to control storm surges and other conservation efforts.

The students then grabbed some tools and headed out into the woods to the base of Monkey Rock (map reference white 26). Dividing up into several teams, they completed several erosion control projects along with revitalizing parts of the Cadet trail.

So, what went wrong wrong? Nothing, it was a great day to see students learning outside of the classroom while helping the community. A huge thanks from all of us at McKaig Nature Education Center.

Visit the enchanted trails of McKaig Nature Center this weekend and see what the students accomplished.